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{{see also|List of states}}
{{see also|List of states}}
{{expand|with=more detailed descriptions of each mechanic}}
{{expand|with=more detailed descriptions of each mechanic}}

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See also: List of states

The state is the primary geographic unit of Hearts of Iron 4. A state consists of a set of provinces. In turn, supply areas, strategic regions, and the territory of countries consist of a set of states.

A map of state populations.


Main article: Diplomacy

Ownership over territory is determined at the state level.


Main article: Construction

Many constructions are built at the state level.


Main article: Production#Resources

Resources for production are generated at the state level.


Main article: Manpower

Each state has a population, which can potentially be turned into manpower for a country's army.


Main article: Occupation

The effects of occupation, including resistance, are computed at the state level.