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The state is the primary geographic unit of Hearts of Iron 4. A state consists of a set of provinces. In turn, supply areas, strategic regions, and the territory of countries consist of a set of states.

A map of state populations.


Main article: Diplomacy

Ownership over territory is determined at the state level. Control over both the resources and state-wide construction of a state is determined by the majority controller of a state; this means in effect the country that controls the most victory points. Each province in a state is worth at least 1 victory point, if more the player will be notified through the tooltip when hovering over a province. Resistance is also computed at state level.


Main article: Construction

Constructions can divided in 3 versions; state-buildings, shared buildings and province buildings.

State buildings

State buildings are state-wide and every state may get the same maximum level of a certain building.

Infrastructure, airbases, anti-air and radar stations belong to this category.

Shared buildings

Shared buildings are also state-wide, but the amount that can be built is limited to the amount of free slots. Once all slots are occupied, no more shared buildings can be built.

Factories, dockyards, synthetic refineries, rocket sites and nuclear reactors belong to this category

Province buildings

Province buildings are built per-province, their maximum levels depend on the type of building.

Naval bases and forts belong to this category.


Main article: Production#Resources

Resources for production are generated at the state level. The majority controller will have a certain amount of the resources of a state added to their resource pool depending on their occupation policy.


Main article: Manpower

Each state has a population, a part of which will be added to a country's manpower pool to be used for replacing losses in the military and training new divisions. The amount of manpower an occupied state will grant is dependent on the occupation policy. An owned, but non-core state will add only a tiny fraction of the population to a country's manpower pool.