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This section says Background Traits are passed down from Field Marshall (in Field Marshall section, last sentence) to generals "without penalty", which seems to indicate that they are in fact passed down. However, there is conflicting information here: (says personality/background traits are "generally not passed down to generals"

Remember to sign your posts (like this: ~~~~). I just checked the implementation once again. field_marshal_modifier are passed down 100% and generic ("shared") modifiers are passed down 50%. Many personality and background traits like Politically Connected are non_shared_modifier and hence not passed down at all, so Commander trait is correct there. Same for corps_commander_modifier (currently only Skilled Staffer) -- not passed on. There is no personality trait that provides field_marshal_modifier so "without penalty" is definitely false. There are only very few minor modifiers passed down 50% (like entrenchment from Old Guard). I'd say it is not important enough to mention here and would just remove the sentence about personality traits from this page and leave that to Commander trait. What do you think? Bitmode (talk) 08:33, 8 May 2021 (UTC)