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This template lists all opinion (and trade opinion) modifiers as found in files located at /Hearts of Iron IV/common/opinion_modifiers. Its purpose is to gather all modifiers at a single location (to be used from) to ease future maintenance.

The modifiers have been arranged alphabetically for ease of use. Modifiers that have localisation from different files are grouped at the bottom. Most Mexican modifiers are defined in both 00_opinions_modifiers and mtg_opinion_modifiers. Since the template can't have both, the template assumes they're defined in mtg_opinion_modifiers as they take priority there.


  • The following opinion modifiers:
  • will produce:
Faction traitor (Opinion.png –40 Trade opinion)
Refused to Help (Opinion.png –30 Opinion / Time 36 months / 1 Monthly decay)
Refused to Help
  • Note: To show only the modifier's name (sans effects) add "0" as a second parameter.