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Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive set in the time period from 1936 to 1948, focusing on the build up to the Second World War and the war itself. Countries and their respective ideologies vie for control of the world. On the smallest scale the world map consists of provinces, features varying terrain and dynamic weather, and offers resources and manpower to the countries controlling its states.

Each country's government is subject to certain ideas that convey advantages or disadvantages. They can use their political power to focus the development in a chosen direction, enabling diplomatic interactions, triggering world events, improving their research, construction industry and military production.

As diplomacy fails, factions form, and tension is ever rising, war becomes almost inevitable. With the equipment produced by their industries, all sorts of units are being raised, as the next great war will be fought on land, at sea, and in the air. On the ground divisions organize into battle plans, employing the latest combat tactics against the enemy. Ships fight for control of strategic regions in order to protect vital trade while disrupting the enemy. Air wings give powerful advantages to whichever side manages to gain dominance of the skies.

As the war drags on attrition, resistance to occupation, and logistics stretched to its limits take their toll. At the same time experience made on the front gets incorporated into ever deadlier variants of proven equipment and modernized division layouts. Commanders in chief make decisive and daring moves using their command power. Eventually the threat of nuclear annihilation brings an end to hostilities. Some countries gain their independence while former empires become subjects under the new world order.


  • update pending bugs to latest game version
  • generate rivers.bmp from physical vectors
  • document modifier stacking for generals
  • update terrain to 1.6
  • find out whether CVs are capital ships in 1.6
  • resolve naming discussion around naval units and homepage link
  • update ship and naval warfare to 1.6
  • maybe create convoy
  • discuss industrial techs
  • investigate which country gets what in volunteer/expeditionary/colonial/lendleased divisions