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Stability is expressed as a percentage from 0% to 100%, and represents the people's support for the current government. Stability has various effects. At high stability, the nation receives production bonuses. At low stability, various crises can ravage the nation.

Stability is calulated as:

Stability = Median(0%, Base Stability + Stability modifiers, 100%)

Some Examples for Stability modifiers are:

  • At war: -30% (This modifier is removed after all wars, you are involved in, ended.)
  • Party popularity: up to +15%
  • Emperor showa: +60% (Trait of japanese Hirohito)
  • Popular figurehead: up to +15% (Political avisor, available for some countries, e.g. Soviet Union)
  • Wilhelm III: +5% (Trait of german Kaiser)

The value Base Stability is not shown in game, but changes to Stability that are not Stability modifiers always effect Base Stability. These are for example:

  • Improved worker conditions: +12.85%
  • Anti democratic Raids: +2%
  • Anti communist Raids: +2%
  • Anti facist Raids: +2%
  • Austria accepts Anschluss: +5%

Base Stability is capped at 100%. It will not rise further. The one time changes that are not Stability modifiers are lost if Base Stability is already at 100%.

If Stability is at 99% it can still be useful to do Improved worker conditions, if Base Stability is not yet at 100%.

Stability above 50% gives the following bonuses, which scale linearly from none at 50% to the full amount at 100%. At 100% stability, the bonuses are:

  • +20% factory and dockyard output
  • -5% consumer goods
  • +10% political power gain

Stability below 50% gives the following penalties, which scale linearly from none at 50% to the full amount at 0%. At 0% stability, the penalties are:

  • -50% factory and dockyard output
  • -20% political power gain

Further, stability affects resistance targets in occupied territories from 0% at 100%Stability up to +20% at 0%Stability.

Naval intel efficiency

Seazone property window showing 80.20% naval intel efficiency when you hover over the naval supremacy bar.

To be able to get naval supremacy, you have to have at least 30% naval intelligence efficiency.
The actual value of naval intel efficiency of a seazone can be seen by seen in the seazone property window, that you get when you click a seazone. You have to hover with the mouse over the naval supremacy bar. Alternatively you can see it, when you hover with your mouse over a seazone in the strategic navy map mode (accessible with the F2 button).
The naval intel efficiency of a seazone is calculated from the intel you have from nations you are at war with and that have ships in that seazone. If you are not at war, you have 100% naval intel efficiency everywhere. If you are at war with one country, you have 100% naval intel efficiency in all seazones, in which this country has no ships assigned. (More precise: In which this country has nothing, that contributes to naval supremacy. The value Enemy supremacy is 0.) In the seazones, in which the country has ships assigned (Enemy supremacy > 0), the naval intel efficiency is the intel you have of that country. If you are at war with more countries, and more than one of these countries have ships in one seazone, the naval intel efficiency, is weighted towards the country that has more naval supremacy in that seazone.

La Résistance La Résistance intel ledger navy tab showing details about the Royal Navy.

With the DLC La Résistance La Résistance, the intel you have of a country, can be seen in the intel ledger of that country. When you hover with the mouse over the naval section of the intel ledger, you see how the navy intel is calculated. Naval intel can be gathered with spy networks, intelligence agency upgrades (Naval Department) and operations (Infiltrate navy).

Without the DLC La Résistance La Résistance, the naval intel of a country is calculated by these factors:

  • Enemy Ideology
    • Democratic: +20%
    • Non aligned: +20%
    • Communist: +12.5%
    • Fascist: +10%
  • Enemy Trade law
    • Free trade: +20%
    • Export focus: +10%
    • Limited exports: +5%
    • Closed economy: +0%
Own Decryption level
0 1 2 3
Enemy Encryption level 0 +0% +30% +45% +60%
1 +0% +15% +22.5% +30%
2 +0% +10% +15% +20%
3 +0% +7.5% +11.25% +15%
  • Radar coverage
    • Radars that cover any territory of the enemy or any seazone with enemy ships, can provide up to +20% naval intel efficiency. Intel gathered is only one value per country. Intel about the UK gathered per Radar over the english channel can provide naval intel efficiency for a naval invasion in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Fighting the enemy navy
    • Gained naval intel from naval fights decays by around -0.2%/week.

If you want to naval invade a fascist country (+10%) that has closed economy (+0%) and has researched Encryption level 3 and you have Decryption Level 3 (+15%) an have no radars that cover any enemy territory: You get a naval intel efficiency of 25% and need to fight their navy to be able to get over the needed 30% naval intel efficiency.

Strategies if it's not possible to get 30% naval intel efficiency
If there is nothing that contributes to naval supremacy in a seazone (Enemy supremacy is 0), you get naval intel efficiency 100%. A strategy is to finish planning of a naval invasion, send your ships out to get naval supremacy and start the invasion, even if you do not have enough naval intel efficiency. If the enemy is changing orders of fleets you might get 100% naval intel efficiency for a moment. That short moment is sufficient to start the naval invasion.