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Testing area

Current Points

  • Events
    • revise older pages - use usa/uk pages
    • revise instances of Target
    • add names: factions, opinion
    • add leader traits and on-action triggers
    • transclude events to nations with no files [when finished all]
  • National focus
    • use NF image-nav
  • Trait template
    • use in events, advisors, etc


Style Country

See also: Hearts of Iron 4 Wiki:Style/Country

Note: The units mentioned here are just an example. If they are not present in a specific nation remove/replace with ones that do - stick to categories, variants/upgrades can be mentioned in the accompanying short descriptions.

Type Total
Infantry cropped.png Infantry AAA
Cavalry cropped.png Cavalry AAA
Motorized cropped.png Motorized AAA
Light tank cropped.png Light tank AAA
Marine cropped.png Marine AAA
Mountain cropped.png Mountain AAA
Type Total
Carrier.png Carrier AAA
Battleship.png Battleship AAA
Battlecruiser.png Battlecruiser AAA
Light Cruiser.png Light cruiser AAA
Heavy Cruiser.png Heavy cruiser AAA
Destroyer.png Destroyer AAA
Submarine.png Submarine AAA
Air Force
Type Total
Close air support.png Close air support AAA
Bomber.png Bomber AAA
Fighter.png Fighter AAA
Heavy Fighter.png Heavy fighter AAA
short description goes here.
short description goes here.
Air force
short description goes here.