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Release date / Patch
2018-03-08 / 1.5

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Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger expansion answering the call release trailer.

Waking the Tiger is the first full-fledged expansion for Hearts of Iron IV. It was announced on 15 November 2017[1] and was released on 8 March 2018[2], along with patch 1.5.

Expansion featuresEdit

  • National Focus Trees for   China: Guide the Republic of China or   Communist China through the war, guided by your own vision of the future.
  • Modified Focus Trees for   Germany and   Japan: Two major Axis powers now have alternate history paths, including the chance to depose Hitler or install Communism or Democracy in Japan.
  • General Traits and Abilities: Generals’ traits can now unlock powerful Command Power abilities, allowing great flexibility and creativity.
  • Decisions and Missions: Historical decisions and national missions give new places to spend Political Power, from domestic politics to start special projects.
  • Added the ability to send attachés to other nations outside of your faction that are at war, allowing you to see their troops, as well as giving the sender army xp, and the receiver a small amount of organization and planning speed.
  • And more: Scavenge equipment from the battlefield, use Volunteer Air Corps, as well as new music and art.
  • Adds a new currency unique to the Chinese warlords: Political Support Points. Accumulate sufficient number of Political Support Points as a Warlord and wrest control of China's destiny.

Free featuresEdit

Main article: Patch 1.5
  • New Stability and War Support mechanics replace National Unity to better model the state of your nation and many decisions and changes to go with these
  • New focus tree for Japan
  • Overhauled and expanded German focus tree: added new focuses for the Industrial, Air, Naval, and Fascist paths, and improved certain existing ones.
  • Added Chain of Command * Can now put Field Marshals in charge of Generals leading armies to get bonuses from both
  • Generals now have 4 skill values * Attack, Defense, Planning, Logistics instead of a single skill.
  • Traits are no longer lost on promotion of commanders
  • Commanders can (and usualy do) start with new personality traits
  • Added Decisions * a middle ground between focus trees and events allowing tons of moddability and mechanics
  • Added many Decisions to go with the new Decisions mechanic.
  • Added Acclimatization core mechanic letting troops get used to harsh climate
  • Can now dedicate some Command Power to improve air efficiency in a zone using Extra Ground Crews ability
  • Added "kick from faction" diplomatic action (for SPAAAAARTA!!! /Podcat am I 2011 meme:ing again?)
  • New historical template namelists. Increased immersion when meeting AI and a lot of power to letting player control how things get named
  • New retreat mechanic. We now separate between withdrawing and forced retreat meaning you dont get overruna nd crushed when ordering retreat on units and falling back wil lrequire a lot less microing
  • New interface for looking at lost and sunk ships
  • Massively improved production interface with more filters, collapsing, drag and drop and allowing more than 15 factories to be assigned to a single line
  • New War overview with factions, filters, sorting. It also has a summarized war overview which we recommend. Wars are now much more fluid to be able to handle 3-way wars and avoid lots of issues in the past with war merging etc.
  • Several new Refinery techs allow you to control how much rubber and oil is outputted
  • Infrastructure now effect how much resources can be extracted. Build up an area to unlock more, bomb it to hurt output
  • Special forces are now limited to a % of your army, or a minimum count of battalions
  • Several new techs allow you to bonus special forces or control quantity vs quality
  • Can now attach air wings to armies and they will follow them and do missions

Developer diariesEdit

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Waking the Tiger expansion and patch 1.5 (aka Cornflakes).

Patch 1.5 post release
No. Title and Link Description Date
34 1.5.2, Future Roadmap and Ironclad The return of the bullet list and possible future development roadmap 2018-04-11
33 1.5.2 Update #3 and Telemetry An updated beta and multiplayer telemetry 2018-04-04
32 1.5.2 Update #2 and Modding Goodies Info about patch 1.5.2: Air Balance and Changes, Nukes and Surrender, Manchukuo, Modding and more. 2018-03-28
31 1.5.2 Update #1 Info about patch 1.5.2: German border changes, commander XP gain changes, multiplayer desyncs, and more. 2018-03-21
30 Post-Release patch Info about patch 1.5.1 2018-03-14
Patch 1.5 (Cornflakes)
No. Title and Link Description Date
29 Pre-Release and International Women's Day Women's contribution during the second world war. 2018-03-07
28 Recap Episode What is coming in Waking the Tiger and the 1.5 Cornflakes. 2018-02-28
27 Performance and AI Performance and AI. 2018-02-21
26 Formable Nations and Achievements New goals to strive for: formable nations and some 18 achievements. 2018-02-14
25 Naval Updates Improvements of naval matters: losses and kills overview, convoys raiding, transports interception, and more. 2018-02-07
24 Sound, Music and Art for Tiger On the topic of the artistic additions to Waking the Tiger. 2018-01-31
23 War Changes and game Difficulty Changes to 3-way war handling and addition of 2 more difficulty settings. 2018-01-24
22 Manchukuo The last unrevealed focus tree for Waking the Tiger: "Manchukuo". 2018-01-17
21 Bag of Tricks #3 3rd assortment of small improvements: attachés, extra ground crews, historical army insignias, and volunteer air wings. 2018-01-10
20 Japan rework A rework of the Japanese national focus tree. 2018-01-03
19 New German Divisional Namelist Further improvement of incoming German unit namelist. 2017-12-27
18 Christmas & Modding Modding guide for the new decisions & missions system in patch 1.5. 2017-12-20
17 Border Wars: The Last Warlord More detail on the Chinese warlords. 2017-12-13
16 Acclimatization and Special Forces Troops are now affected by hot and cold climates, and new changes to special forces. 2017-12-06
15 Leaders, abilities and Traits Revamped and expanded trait system and the mysterious "red phone" icon (aka command power). 2017-11-29
14 Communist China The 2nd focus tree for China (the communist path) along with an example of the new decision system in action. 2017-11-22
13 Nationalist China The 1st focus tree for China (the nationalist path) as well as the announcement of Waking the Tiger expansion. 2017-11-15
12 Decisive Action Adding decisions, missions, crises and special projects to the game 2017-11-08
11 Airplanes and Lootboxes Further improvement of air related aspects 2017-11-01
10 Bag of Tricks #2 Another small features and improvements, this time with relation to equipment 2017-10-25
9 A New Germany Revised focus tree for Germany as part of requested alternate history options 2017-10-18
8 Bag of Tricks #1 Smaller improvements to the game: control groups, divisions consolidation, removal from faction, mini-map & pinging. 2017-10-11
7 Synthetic Dawn Refinements to synthetic refineries and inter-linking infrastructure with resources 2017-10-04
6 Division Namelists Pallidum, HoI4's game designer, inserting some flavor (and logic) to division names. 2017-09-27
5 Stability and War Support Stability and War support to replace National unity in the next patch 2017-09-20
4 Chain of Command Podcat on spicing things up in the HoI4 chain of command as part of patch 1.5 2017-09-13
3 A Product Manager's Role "Firebolt", HoI4's product manager, on the intricacies of budgeting a game development. 2017-09-06
2 Our development process Sofia "KimchiViking" Höglund, HoI4's project lead, explains the development cycle, from design to implementation. 2017-08-30
1 Future and Cornflakes Podcat shares the team's (non-exhaustive) list of features to act as a future development roadmap for HoI4 2017-08-23