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See also: Terrain

A dynamic counterpart to terrain, weather can affect movement and combat of all types of units.


Night gives the following effects:

  • -50% land attack
  • -20% air detection
  • -25% naval hit chance
  • Carrier aircraft cannot fly
  • -50% bombing targeting

Weather Types

Weather can have an impact on the whole state or on single provinces.

State Level

Condition Organization Regain Naval Detection Naval Hit Chance Naval Speed Naval Strike Carrier Traffic Air Detection Air Accidents Chance Air Mission Efficiency Ground Bombing Targeting
Rain.pngRain −5% −10% −5% −5% −20% −10% +10% −10%
Storm.pngStorm −20% −20% −10% −10% −100% −20% +30% −30% −50%
Snow.pngSnow −5% −15% −5% −5% −30% −15% +10% −10%
Blizzard.pngBlizzard −30% −30% −10% −10% −100% −30% +30% −30% −70%
Sandstorm.pngSandstorm −50% −90% +60% −50% −100%

Carrier Traffic -100% means that no planes from a carrier can fly.

Province Level


Condition Division Attrition Winter Attrition Division Attack Organization Regain Entrenchment speed Lower Bound in Degrees Upper Bound in Degrees
Extremely cold.pngExtremely cold +20% −10% −5% −60% -100 -25
Very cold.pngVery cold +10% −30% -25 -15
Very hot.pngVery hot +10% 27 32
Extremely hot.pngExtremely hot +20% −5% 32 100

Note: Attrition from weather only applies if controller is at war.

Ground conditions

Condition Attrition Divisions speed Division Attack Organization Regain
Deep snow −25% −30% −5%
Snow −10% −10%
Mud +70% −50% −40%


Temperature is tracked on province level and mainly affects attrition levels. If its very cold or very warm things will tend to break down a lot more often. Each nation will want commanders with the Winter SpecialistWinter Specialist trait to maximize efficiency in cold weather.

Dig-in speed is slowed down a lot in extreme cold. There is no winter clothing research as such. To gain those winter specialist traits through fighting in cold weather.

Mud and Snow

A province affected by mud.

Very high snow will affect unit movement speed, but Mud is going to increase attrition levels a lot as well as slow the army down to a crawl. A smart player will try not to attack The Soviet Union just as mud season begins or they might find a lot of their panzer divisions bogged down.

If the area is set up as susceptible to mud that time of year and water levels over a time period is high enough mud develops. Either rain or melting snow can be the source of the water.

Terrain Effects on Weather

Some terrain makes it more or less likely for a weather effect to occur.

Weather Mountain Plains Marsh Desert Urban
Mud -10% +50% +80% +50%
Snow.png Snow and Blizzard.png Blizzard +80% -100% -40%
Sandstorm.png Sandstorm -100% +80%

Shown on map

Snow/mud and such is shown directly on the map while storm clouds and rain is in a layer above which fades away the closer zoomed in the player is.